5asec Pour Asky Febrianti: "Miraculously Era" Fashion Show 2022

5asec Indonesia are humbled to be part of supporting both: the Indonesia Beauty and Fashion Trunk 2022 (IBFT 2022) and also our dedicated designer Asky Febrianty, presenting the incredible transition of fashion from time to time in this "Miraculously Era" Fashion Show 2022.

Held at the Grand Atrium of Kota Kasablanka Mall on Saturday, 20th August 2022, the show was incredibly stunning and blown away by the appearance of 10 looks of this "Miraculously Era" collections are being presented.

Nevertheless, it was also be a great success and a blast show as the attandace of all 200 people from 5asec & Asky's honorable guests participating and also enjoying the whole show. We would like to send our apprecitation as well to the mall's visitiors who put their interest in supporting the show and surrounding the stage with a great excitement.

Very well, we hope that everyone had a good time as good as we do.

See you on another show and cheers once again to Asky Febrianti!