Introducing Our Travel Partner

Our passion for travel, lead us to visit a beautiful country in East Asia, called Japan.

Experiencing the Japanese food, scenery, culture, and people, inspired us to create Wonderful Journey Tour (WJ Tour) in 2015, a tour & travel company, specializing in Japan package tours.

We developed a VIRTUAL GUIDE package, to help people feel the most about Japan, in a simpler and easier way.

WJ Tour also have a GROUP SERIES for the people who love to travel and experience new adventure along with the group. Try to travel to other city by using Subway or Shinkansen, like an origin, besides, you can make a new friend with others.

Other service that we offer is a PRIVATE TOUR. For those who want to spend a quality time during the travels with friends and family in more comfortable way.

Don't worry about the details, we provide the amenities for your trip, such as Pocket WiFi, JR Pass, domestic & international airplane ticket, accommodation, and et cetera.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and experience Japan in a different way and so you have lots of unforgettable moment to share.
See you on the next trip! Arigatou!

For more information, please do not hesitate to add our WhatsApp number at +62811 971 2128, WJ Tour's Customer Care ready to help you.